Angelica Root

Earthy, Grounding, Herbal, Tonic

Benefits of Angelica Root Essential Oil

(Angelica archangelica/ Angelica officinalis)

Angelica root is one of the best essential oils to help convalescents fully recover and to generally restore strength and stamina. It counteracts weakness and fatigue, stimulates the immune system, and has a pronounced tonic effect on the nervous system. It is ideal for fatigue and stress-related disorders.

"Angelica aids people with an upset nervous system who urgently need to rebuild body and soul. The essential oil of Angelica Root will help you rediscover your own inner strength and stamina."

Psychologically, Angelica is strengthening, soothing and healing. It helps you keep going when you feel faint hearted and increases your perseverance.
In terms of subtle Aromatherapy, it is suggested that the oil helps the user to be more open to angelic powers.

"The source of Angelica's strength is the earth... As an essential oil it has a fiery temperament and lends us physical vitality and earthly strength... Angelica is particularly suited to people who need solid grounding or who search for reality."

Overall, Angelica is healing, balancing and fortifying.

This incredible earthy oil is the heart and soul of Living Earth Aromatherapy's Nourish blend.


Angelica Root essential oil should be avoided during early pregnancy.



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