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Grizzly Man


Grizzly Man beard oil hemp argan

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All-natural beard oil for calm skin and awesome face-fuzz

30ml amber glass bottle with dispenser


Grizzly Man is liquid gold for furry faces

Say goodbye to itches and flakes. This oil soothes and smooths, leaving your beard looking fine, feeling great and smelling awesome.
Massage 4-5 drops into the skin under your beard daily after showering and drying thoroughly.

Grizzly Man has a distinctively woody scent with dry herbal and citrus overtones.

Grizzly Man contains only all-natural plant oils:

Grapeseed Oil
A light, easily absorbed oil, Grapeseed is restorative and smoothing with naturally occurring vitamin E and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp seed oil is moisturising and firming and is known for soothing inflammation and damaged skin.

Argan Oil
Argan oil is regenerative and protective. It is excellent for treating dry, flaking skin, scarring and sun damage, and is also renowned for conditioning hair.

Including a furry-face-loving essential oil blend of:

Atlas Cedarwood
Atlas Cedarwood is recommended for treating acne and dandruff and is reputed to strengthen hair growth. Energetically, Atlas Cedarwood is calming and helps in discovering inner strength and courage.

Virginian Cedarwood
Similarly to Atlas Cedarwood, Virginian Cedarwood is excellent for treating acne and dandruff. Energetically, it is fortifying, warming and protective.

Bergamot’s antiseptic qualities make it excellent for treating many kinds of skin conditions, including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Energetically, it is both calming and uplifting, and considered to help with the free flow of Qi.

Rosemary has long been used for skin and hair care. It is reputed to stimulate hair growth and treat dandruff. Energetically, Rosemary is an invigorating tonic well known for its stimulating effect on the mind.


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Grapseed oil, Hemp seed oil and Argan oil, with pure essential oils of Atlas Cedarwood, Virginian Cedarwood, Rosemary and Bergamot (non-phototoxic)