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The Study Buddy


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The perfect pack for anyone needing to stay on their game


Welcome to the Study Buddy! This Aromatherapy collection is designed to help keep you sharp, support your cognitive processes (such as focus, understanding and memory), and also help you get that all-important relaxation and sleep.

CLARITY is a pure blend of essential oils – designed to be used in oil burners, diffusers or on diffuser jewellery.
FOCUS and SLUMBER are roll-on blends – pure essential oils blended with sweet almond oil and safe to apply to the skin. Apply to temples, inner wrists or any other pulse points as desired.

Use CLARITY and FOCUS during the day when you need to concentrate, and SLUMBER at night when you need to de-stress, rest and recover.

Peppermint helps you to become clear headed. Beneficial for mental fatigue and inability to concentrate.
Eucalyptus radiata is recommended in the treatment of headaches and nervous exhaustion. It revives the spirit, restores vitality and a positive outlook.
Rosemary is well known for its stimulating effect on the central nervous system. It is reputed to be a brain stimulant and is used for poor concentration.
Lavender has a harmonising effect on the nervous system and can assist our responses to unproductive stress.
Lemon lifts the spirits and overcomes mental fatigue. It clears the mind very effectively and is said to aid in the decision-making process.

Rosemary is well known to have a stimulating effect on the mind and ability to boost memory.
Peppermint helps people become clear headed and is beneficial for people who are unable to concentrate or who have mental fatigue.
Frankincense is beneficial for dealing with anxiety, stress, mental fatigue and an inability to communicate.

Lavender is regarded as the first choice in the treatment of insomnia, especially when the insomnia is due to mental stress and anxiety.
Mandarin is relaxing, gently uplifting and calms nervous afflictions and disturbances.
Neroli is regarded as one of the most effective sedative and antidepressant remedies and is recommended for the treatment of insomnia and states of anxiety and depression.
Sandalwood has a relaxing effect on the nerves and may be used for agitated emotional states that can lead to headache, insomnia and nervous tension.

All information above is included on a card within the pack.

All gift packs are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard and untreated, natural pine “wood wool”, which is fully biodegradable.

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